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If the animals have always been predominating, in my artwork, I have approached eagerly many other subjects. All that artistic search took me back on the expression and emotion quest. Therefore, I feel like a portraitist. I see no difference in painting a dog, a monkey or a human.  Certainly figurative, my art explores my models from inside and tend to become their soul mirror… as much as their aesthetic representation.

Horses have been my favorite inspiration for many years. Then, my passion for the dogs and my implication into the dog world pushed me to work and represent them… especially the Afghan hounds, that I have been my faithful companions for many years.

My artwork has been enthusiastly received. Very quickly, I developed some artistic projects in France and mostly abroad. My paintings are represented in 70 different countries, on the 5 continents. Several art galleries present my work regularly in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. Every year, I take part in 3 or 4 fairs abroad (USA, UK, Germany, etc.), where I exhibit my work. In the meantime, I have also collaborated with several collective artistic projects, like kid books and comics illustrations.

Since a few years, most of my time and my energy are dedicated to my art.


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